Rembe Services


REMBE® Advanced Services + Solutions GmbH was established in 2019.

As an independent family company, we are steadily growing. Our customers are market leaders in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, oil and gas supply, aerospace and the wood processing industry, among others.

Our employees form a strong, international team that works together in a family-like atmosphere to ensure the success of REMBE Advanced Services + Solutions GmbH.

The REMBE® Advanced Services + Solutions Team
Mann Platzhalter
Nikolaus Dückmann
Managing Director
+49 2961 7405-701 +49 173 2095530

+49 2961 50714
Frau Platzhalter
Ramona Vorderwülbecke
Corporate Service Coordinator
+49 2961 7405-703

+49 2961 7405-710
Mann Platzhalter
René Schröder
Service Engineer
Mann Platzhalter
Thomas Hartmann
Service Engineer
Mann Platzhalter
Chris Lahme
Service Engineer